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News and stuff

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Damn I’m good with blog post headlines…

A few things: First of all, I’m in the process of editing one freebie short story (will be out at some point through Dreamspinner Press, I’ll keep you posted) and Finnshifters 2 that now has a brand new title!

Finnshifters 2 was supposed to be called, or rather its working title was, Moving On. Then another book named Moving On was released by DSP last month (I think) and I had to come up with a new name for FS2.

The new name is Tiglon by the Tail. I love the name and I wouldn’t have come up with it without some help from the editorial department, so thanks! Also, the release date is in September, which day, I don’t know yet.

Secondly, I’m going to start the process of having a new website done! It will be easier to update (thank you for everyone who hasn’t emailed me about the lack of updates on my current site…) and it will look really good, I bet. Can’t wait to see what AngstyG comes up with!

Thirdly, on August 4th, next Saturday, I’ll be hosting a Facebook chat on Dreamspinner’s Facebook page. Now, a bunch of stuff will be happening there, but there will be giveaways and even a paperback giveaway (signed and delivered to you wherever you live!) So keep an eye out!

Fourthly (this is getting silly…) in September, there will be an event in Brighton called UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet and I’ll be attending with plenty of other authors. So in case you’re in Brighton on September 15th, please do come meet us!

That’s about it for now!


By Any Other Name-freebie…

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I wasn’t going to do this, but I will anyway.

Suddenly yesterday, Thom, Dru and Skye began chatting in my head. They want a Christmas story. So I’m in the process of writing one right now. You should have it before Christmas Eve and I’ll post the link for a .pdf download here, on my Facebook and my Twitter. (You can find links for those on my website, www.tiafielding.com).

On other news, I’ve contracted a first book in a series that I call, at the moment, Finnshifters. It’s basically my take on the shapeshifter-lore and the story is placed in Finland. In my universe there are “cat and dog” shifters, and the first book is about Mikael, a half-shifter who runs his small family farm his dad turned into a shifter sanctuary, and the shifter he falls in love with. Naturally it’s also about the “farm family”, a lot of different kinds of people and I hope you’ll like it!

Chuffed, book 1, will be out at some point in May-June 2012.


It's been a while...

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but I’m still here! Promise!

We’re getting closer to release dates, I’m also working on stories (like a sequel to the novella coming out in July) and such… Busy. Well, most of the being busy is actually spring and the ton of work around the yard one has to do while living on a tiny little farm. There’s loads to do, and time for writing is a luxury.

Anyway, I have someone working on a proper website for me, and I’m hoping it will be done sometime soon. Once it is, there will be teasers and freebies and whatnot posted there.

I mentioned Piece of Tales-blog last time I actually updated mine… I’m a guest-blogger-person there every other Wednesday these days, I try to review or something. I wouldn’t call what I do review, but like…something? Anyway, there’s another post tomorrow in case you’re interested.

While waiting for my thingums to be released, I’m having to look into promoting and all that. Somehow it seems weird, having to do that. I mean writing is work in itself now, adding to that seems…almost too much. I know it sounds silly, but it takes a while to get used to living what you’ve dreamed of for a long time.

Other than trying to find time for writing, I’ve actually played PC-games a bit. Some WoW, which is an all time favorite, but also my beloved, pre-ordered The Witcher 2, which was out today. So that’s what I’ve been doing today while it rained and my muses were being annoying bitches. Good game, that one. Very difficult, but still, very good as well.

I’ve read some, right now I’m reading J.L. Langley’s My Fair Captain which has been recommended ti me by a few separate people and it’s so good so far I’m happy I finally got into reading it. I almost wish I could pull off writing something like that… Maybe one day, eh?

Anyway, this was a rambling thing, just to tell you I’m still breathing. Oh and next weekend, there’s a promo-thing at Literary Nymphs I’m online-attending with a bunch of other Dreamspinner Press-authors, so I shall give you links then. Hoping to have my website up by then but if not, I’ll try to be more patient. ;)

In case someone was wondering, haven’t sold the stallion yet, no good enough homes have come forward asking about him. Meh. We shall see.

<3 - Tia


My first cover!

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Here it is, the cover for my story The Double Ds that will be published by Summerhouse in about two months time. As you can tell by the cover, it is a M/M/F-story.

I’m SO excited! :)

Also, I’m trying to get someone to make my a proper webpage. I have nothing against blogger, but I’m an old school webpage kind of girl… So, keeping my fingers crossed here… :)

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