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The Weirdly Miraculous 20…

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Everyone is doing these end of the year-posts, so I decided to look back a little too. Yeah, I’m a regular sheep following the herd…

This time last year I was waiting anxiously to hear from Dreamspinner Press about my anthology submission. It was nervewrecking, mainly because I loved the story, Auld Lang Syne, and it was my first foray into what I knew I wanted to write: original M/M-fiction.

As some of you know by now, the story didn’t make it into the anthology, instead Dreamspinner wanted it separately, and the novella is out there on it’s own. I still remember the feeling of getting that email, by the way, early in 2011, saying they wanted it. It was all so worth it…

Incidentally my first published work was a M/M/F-short story for another publisher, Summerhouse Publishing. An online acquaintance had founded a publishing company and I had a story. It ended up published, and even though I’ve since fallen out with Summerhouse, I don’t regret sending them The Double Ds.

At the end of the year 2011, I have met the goal I set myself way back in ancient history: I have had a novel published. By Any Other Name is a decent first try and I know many people have liked, even loved it. It’s not my favorite thing of what I’ve written and I see faults in it, but it is a decent book with a LOT of things in it that I still managed to make mine. I wanted to write a different book about abuse and a menage-relationship, and I think those boys pulled it off just fine.

I’m also pretty happy with the other things I have out there by now, all of which you can see on my Goodreads page in case you’re wondering. :)

All the while I’ve been writing, all through 2011, I’ve been also battling some personal issues, the main one has been depression, the “friend” that has been following me for most of my adult life.

During 2011 I’ve made a lot of new friends, resurrected some old friendships (to a point) and I’ve certainly erased some people from my life (some of them repeatedly, because I’m a sucker for punishment…). I’ve learned that your time is limited, you’ll not life forever, and so you should try to surround yourself with people you actually like. If someone makes you feel bad or evokes negative feelings, they should go, no matter who they are. Nobody is worth making you feel bad.

All in all, 2011 has been a decent year. I feel like I can maybe learn from my mistakes and failures or things I perceive as either, like selling my beloved stallion who was stressing me out and going to waste being a yard ornament, or having a person I once considered a friend make me feel like crap all the time because of their social inaptitude and general obliviousness to other people’s feelings. Oh and never mind the so called gay porn “star” and his antics, that was “fun” too.

Getting into those situations and letting them bother me as much as they did were failures and mistakes for sure. But I think I’ve learned from them. Now I’m tougher. Again.

The positive of 2011 is that I’m an author now. If I die tomorrow, the people left behind can call me an author. That’s what matters to me. This is what I always wanted to be, This is what I didn’t think would happen, or at least I needed a miracle. Well guess what. Miracles do happen. ;)

I think that my usual “I will not make New Year’s resolutions!”-mantra will be effective this year too, but at least my first thought when the year is changing won’t be “I will survive one more year.” like it has been for so many years. I have some living to do, surviving won’t cut it anymore.

Happy New Year and have a much better 2012, everyone!

(Oh and keep your eyes open, because there will be more stories out there from yours truly soon enough, starting from January 25th. I’m not going anywhere.)


Let's take that one back,…

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An update for my last blog post:

The F/F-vampire story that was meant for Halloween will in fact NOT be published by Summerhouse Publishing. They’ve reversed the rights of that story and it is looking for a new home. So there won’t be a Halloween-story from me this year, but we’ll see about next year.

Then again I might rework the story and turn it into something else. Valentine’s day maybe? We’ll see. Once I have further news on that particular little story, I’ll let you guys know. :)

And before someone asks, here or via email, yes, there are reasons for this. What I will say, though, is that I’m not very pleased with how things were handled. If you follow me on Twitter, you might already know as much as I’m willing to say openly, if not, don’t worry, it’s not quite as dramatic as your mind is trying to tell you right now.  ;)

Anyways, I’ll let you know. :)


I should be writing, but.…

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Okay, a proper status update is in order, I think. Not right now, but I was writing and my brain got shuffled like a deck of cards and here I am, updating my blog. Praise the ADHD.

Anyway. My first novel, By Any Other Name has been out for almost a month now. It’s doing really well, better than I expected, actually. So I’m quite happy. I know the issues the book has and some reader reviews have stated those, so I don’t really disagree with the “not-so-good” reviews this time.

I have two submissions in at Dreamspinner right at this moment. They’re both contemporary and I like both of the stories. Not too angsty, but still not too fluffy romance either. I like both of them and we’ll see if DSP picks them up or if someone else might.

There are two release dates you might want to know about. The first is a Halloween-story for Summerhouse publishing. It’s called Finding Eternity, and it’s a F/F-short story with vampires and blood and angst and all the good stuff. The release date is October 28th.

The second one is a short story with a trans-theme. It’s called Lucky and it will be published by Dreamspinner Press in January 2012. I’ll keep you posted for the exact date when I get it.

I’m working on a short story for one of the DSP’s anthology calls, who knows if it will end up there or not, but I’m working on it anyways. It’s about men and…trout. Don’t ask. ;)

There’s also another, longer story in my WIP-folder, it’s BDSMey and good, I hope. This story is on hold right now though. We’ll see when I get back to it.

Aaand then last but not least, I’m going for two new things soon-ish. One is a three story-series about shifters, and we’ll see about what happens with it. It would have M/M, F/F and M/F/M-stories in it.

The second new thing is my plans for this year’s NaNoWriMo. That one is a vampire story, very dark and angsty. At least that’s my plan for NaNo anyways. Who knows where the muses will go…

Oh, and on yet another piece of news, my swag is ready and will get to me at some point in the next few weeks I think. So then I’ll be sending them to some contest winners etc. And I might just hold another contest eventually. :)

That’s about it. Back to the writing now!


On with the latest news!

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So, a few pieces of news and links and stuff.

Here’s the link for my Dreamspinner Press author bio. I’m SO excited to see it there! :)

My first short story that I posted the cover art for a while back has now its own page on the Summerhouse Publishing-website. You can see the information, including the summary for the story on The Double Ds product-page.

Also, there’s some news on my first full length novel sometime soon… Stay tuned. :)


My first cover!

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Here it is, the cover for my story The Double Ds that will be published by Summerhouse in about two months time. As you can tell by the cover, it is a M/M/F-story.

I’m SO excited! :)

Also, I’m trying to get someone to make my a proper webpage. I have nothing against blogger, but I’m an old school webpage kind of girl… So, keeping my fingers crossed here… :)


New publisher!

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I’ve contracted my M/M/F- short story with Summerhouse Publishing, and it will be published in a couple of months time!

As usual I’ll be telling all the news and giving you links as soon as I have them. :)

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