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Holiday Freebie Story!

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I hope everyone has a lovely holiday. Here’s a freebie short short story from yours truly. The link is to my Mediafire and it’s completely safe to download from there. I hope you enjoy the story, and have a nice rest of the year!


Freebie story out now!

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Hi guys!

Good news, When I Say When is finally out and you can go download it from the Dreamspinner website! :)

Hope you enjoy it!


Release day!!

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So, today on January 25th, my new short story Lucky will be available from Dreamspinner Press.

Here’s the blurb and a link for you.

Sloane would’ve given anything to have been born with the right body, but he hadn’t. He’d have given anything to have his family back, but his father insisted that until Sloane was ready to become his heterosexual daughter again, he wanted nothing to do with him. So Sloane dealt with the challenges of living transgendered as best he could. Luckily, his best friend Jace was there with him every step of the way. Jace is the best man Sloane has ever met, but Jace is gay and Sloane still doesn’t have the right parts – until Jace proves that he loves Sloane just the way he is.


 As you can tell, this is a story about a transgender main character. It’s a intimate little love story and above all, a story about finding acceptance.

I will be doing a little giveaway of this story at some point, so keep your eyes open. :) I’ve been blogging about it elsewhere, so just wait, there will be links for that too at some point.

I hope you enjoy this little story. :)


The Weirdly Miraculous 20…

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Everyone is doing these end of the year-posts, so I decided to look back a little too. Yeah, I’m a regular sheep following the herd…

This time last year I was waiting anxiously to hear from Dreamspinner Press about my anthology submission. It was nervewrecking, mainly because I loved the story, Auld Lang Syne, and it was my first foray into what I knew I wanted to write: original M/M-fiction.

As some of you know by now, the story didn’t make it into the anthology, instead Dreamspinner wanted it separately, and the novella is out there on it’s own. I still remember the feeling of getting that email, by the way, early in 2011, saying they wanted it. It was all so worth it…

Incidentally my first published work was a M/M/F-short story for another publisher, Summerhouse Publishing. An online acquaintance had founded a publishing company and I had a story. It ended up published, and even though I’ve since fallen out with Summerhouse, I don’t regret sending them The Double Ds.

At the end of the year 2011, I have met the goal I set myself way back in ancient history: I have had a novel published. By Any Other Name is a decent first try and I know many people have liked, even loved it. It’s not my favorite thing of what I’ve written and I see faults in it, but it is a decent book with a LOT of things in it that I still managed to make mine. I wanted to write a different book about abuse and a menage-relationship, and I think those boys pulled it off just fine.

I’m also pretty happy with the other things I have out there by now, all of which you can see on my Goodreads page in case you’re wondering. :)

All the while I’ve been writing, all through 2011, I’ve been also battling some personal issues, the main one has been depression, the “friend” that has been following me for most of my adult life.

During 2011 I’ve made a lot of new friends, resurrected some old friendships (to a point) and I’ve certainly erased some people from my life (some of them repeatedly, because I’m a sucker for punishment…). I’ve learned that your time is limited, you’ll not life forever, and so you should try to surround yourself with people you actually like. If someone makes you feel bad or evokes negative feelings, they should go, no matter who they are. Nobody is worth making you feel bad.

All in all, 2011 has been a decent year. I feel like I can maybe learn from my mistakes and failures or things I perceive as either, like selling my beloved stallion who was stressing me out and going to waste being a yard ornament, or having a person I once considered a friend make me feel like crap all the time because of their social inaptitude and general obliviousness to other people’s feelings. Oh and never mind the so called gay porn “star” and his antics, that was “fun” too.

Getting into those situations and letting them bother me as much as they did were failures and mistakes for sure. But I think I’ve learned from them. Now I’m tougher. Again.

The positive of 2011 is that I’m an author now. If I die tomorrow, the people left behind can call me an author. That’s what matters to me. This is what I always wanted to be, This is what I didn’t think would happen, or at least I needed a miracle. Well guess what. Miracles do happen. ;)

I think that my usual “I will not make New Year’s resolutions!”-mantra will be effective this year too, but at least my first thought when the year is changing won’t be “I will survive one more year.” like it has been for so many years. I have some living to do, surviving won’t cut it anymore.

Happy New Year and have a much better 2012, everyone!

(Oh and keep your eyes open, because there will be more stories out there from yours truly soon enough, starting from January 25th. I’m not going anywhere.)


Promo weekend!

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This weekend I’ll be joining some other Dreamspinner Press-authors for a chat about this June’s Daily Dose, First Time for Everything, at the Literary Nymphs‘ yahoo group.

My short story, called Unwind, is included in the Daily Dose and will be on sale June 1st.

I’m planning on a few other promo-things, interviews and stuff, so I’ll keep you posted about them as well.


Dreamspinner Press' Daily…

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Alrighty, my short story Unwind is in DSP’s Daily Dose for June. If you don’t know what the Daily Dose is about, here’s some information of this particular Daily Dose:

First Time for Everything
From true love’s first innocent kiss to finally getting down and dirty on the kitchen floor, there’s a first time for every sort of cherry to be popped. Whether discovering the ravenous thrill of sex or the heartwarming power of romance, these men are going to take the plunge and try something new—something romantic or kinky, daring or safe, passionate or relaxed, even comforting or scary—all in the name of love. The First Time for Everything Daily Dose package delivers 30 M/M stories about all kinds of first times.
Summer reading fun! A story delivered automatically to your bookshelf each day in June. Over 1,500 pages of fiction selling individually for a total $81.20. Buy the package early and save:

April – $39.99     May – $49.99*
*Sale of packages for daily delivery ends May 25.
Beginning June 1, stories will be available individually as priced or as a bulk package for $54.99.

Now, my story will be for sale beginning June 1st and it will be $1.49, but I do suggest you take up this opportunity to buy the whole package in the discount price.

The blurb for my story, Unwind:

Pub owner Sam and detective Jared have been together long enough to know each other through and through, so when the usually wordy Jared sends a clipped text message to Sam saying he’ll be late, Sam knows something’s wrong. If Jared is in a foul mood and wrapped up in a case that’s gone to court, he’ll be insufferable for who knows how long! Without some serious unwinding, their upcoming anniversary celebration might be ruined, so Sam plans something completely different for the evening: a foray that will take their lovemaking farther than ever before. With some luck and a little gentle coaxing, Jared should be unwound in no time.

 Here’s the link for where you can check out all the 30 blurbs in the collection. 


Latest news

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My short story has been contracted and it will be included in an anthology this summer.
I’ll tell you more closer to the date, but I’m pretty excited!

Also, tons of ideas in my head swirling around… Just need to get them out. Wish me luck!


Stress, stress and oh, lo…

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It’s the time of the year when my darling horse gets all sorts of stupid and wild and realizes he’s a stallion. Yes, he basically forgets he had gonads for most of the year and come February, it all comes back to him…and the stupidity begins. He refuses, adamantly, to stay inside his paddock and because of that, he’s completely impossible. Not only is there a surprise factor every morning about where we find him, but the real problem is him possibly causing harm to himself or say, the family cars. If he’s feeling very adventurous, he might trek in the snow and go into the neigbor’s yard and… You get the idea.

So, when you take into notice that I normally suffer from depression and anxiety, these past couple of weeks have not been very easy for me, because despite being an insufferable ass, the horse is my baby. Because of that added stress, I’m going to escape next week for almost a week to go on a little vacation. Nowhere sunny or warm, sadly I can’t afford that, but I’m going to go visit some extended family and get far enough away to not be bothered no matter what the stallion gets up to. Yay!

Now, if we’re lucky, this might mean that I’ll get some more writing done while I’m away… I certainly hope so, because stress doesn’t equal good writing.

Speaking of writing… I now have one contracted novella (will be out around July via Dreamspinner Press) and I have a few other submissions sent around, including one M/M/F-short story, one M/M short story and my first novel, which is M/M/M. 

I’m sure I’ll be updating the blog as soon as there are more news. Keep your fingers crossed!


More news! And this time …

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So, I’m happy to report that my short short story Waves was published in Dreamspinner Press’ February newsletter.

I can also tell you, that I’m currently doing revisions to a novella length story that has been picked up by a publisher. I can’t really tell you more until there’s something more concrete, but you should be able to see something by yours truly out there soon enough. ;)

Here’s a link to the newsletter, where you can check out some of my writing. I’m also going to put up some freebies to this blog, so keep posted. :)


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