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News of all kinds!

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Yes, I know…. I’ve been slacking with this blogging thing and I’m sorry. There are plenty¬† of news though, so let’s get started, eh? :)

  • My next novel, called Tainted, has a tentative release date of Aug/Sept 2013. It’s a contemporary romance, mystery/suspense with my kind of not-quite-typical aspects thrown in. And yes, I still write in my slightly quirky way. :) The publisher is Dreamspinner Press.
  • I’m getting a dog! This isn’t news, really. At least not news about my writing career, so… sorry if you dislike dogs. (You might be missing out, just saying….) Because in my country we’re in such a great situation that we don’t really have shelter dogs (at all, yes I know it’s hard to imagine if your country has overflow, but we’re lucky this way) and I’ve wanted to adopt for a long time, my girl Tara is flying in from Spain in mid-June. I’ll make a proper post about her at some point, promise!
  • I’m writing, at last, the third Finnshifters book! I know some people didn’t get the things that happened in book 2 and disliked it strongly, but it’s my universe and everything has a meaning. I don’t want to add spoilers here, but let’s just say that the major plot point was going to happen even before there were any plans on there being more books than one! So yes, it’s not a plot element added for shock value. Trust me on this. I don’t throw intentional cheap punches.
  • I’m taking part in Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia this month! I’ll be doing a giveaway or a few, so stay tuned! :)
  • Oh and yes, Finnshifters 3? If nothing surprising happens and I keep my submission deadline and all that, it should be out in November this year. So not too long for that either. :)
  • M/M Romance group on Goodreads has another lovely event going on again this summer. I’ve written a little story for the event and it will be out at some point…. no idea when but when I know, I’ll let you know!

Another freebie!

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If you haven’t read Finnshifters 1 – Chuffed yet, then you can now!

The book is available for ONE HOUR for FREE from the Dreamspinner website today, October 7th.

One hour from 10am EST (or 4pm GMT, if you’re in Europe).



I'm at Sue Brown's blog

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…as usual, rambling. This time it’s about the shifter genre in M/M romance.

Click here to read the post.


Finnshifters - Chuffed an…

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Hello again!

I’ve gotten a few questions about when the next part of Finnshifters will be out, since you guys seem to be loving the universe that starts with Chuffed. :)

Part two, tentatively called Moving On, has “September” as the release “date”. This is based on my contract, and in my experience, the tentative dates in my contracts are pretty solid. So, Finnshifters 2 will probably be out in September. A few months! Not that bad, right?

And because I get asked a lot… yes, the next part will be Noah’s book. ;)


Upcoming release and the …

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Hello, everyone. It’s now early March, and I’m looking at the release schedule I have and the personal deadlines that are looming and I thought I’d give you an update.

My next release will be out on March 28th. It’s called Something New, and I really do love this story. I hope you’ll like it too. In some ways, Something New manages to catch many things about my personal writing style and my “secret agenda” in my writing. That’s why I’m so happy with it, really. Oh and the cover by Catt Ford is really lovely too.

After Something New, the next one in my preliminary list of things to come is a little story called Thank My Lucky Scars. It’s also a novella and revolves around a London bike-messenger and an American porn star. It’s a fun little story, so I’m looking forward to it as well. Tentative release is April-May.

Now, the book after the two aforementioned is called Chuffed. It’s a shifter-book, the first book in a several books-series I’ve titled Finnshifters. The story arc revolves around a sort of “shifter sanctuary” in Eastern Finland near the Russian border, and the shifters who live on the little farm. There’s always at least one main couple, and while the books are M/M romance, the stories are as much about the whole “farm family” as they are any given main couple.

Chuffed should be out in May-June, and I have a submission deadline in about a week for book 2 which doesn’t have a title yet. While the book is already almost done, I’m still feeling slight pressure from the deadline I’ve set myself (so that you guys would have the next part to read in a few months time from the release of the first book, see, I’m thinking about you here!)

My next novel-length story is a vampire-story I’ve felt like writing for a long time. It’s called Technically Dead and it’s going to be released in July-August. I’ll tell you more about it later.

Once I have Finnshifters 2 written and sent, I need to figure out what to write next. I feel like writing a few separate stories but I also know I need to concentrate on one. So I’ll figure that out soon, since after all I should be done with the current story in a week. Ugh. Well, here’s to making my deadline and for a nice springtime for everyone!


By Any Other Name-freebie…

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I wasn’t going to do this, but I will anyway.

Suddenly yesterday, Thom, Dru and Skye began chatting in my head. They want a Christmas story. So I’m in the process of writing one right now. You should have it before Christmas Eve and I’ll post the link for a .pdf download here, on my Facebook and my Twitter. (You can find links for those on my website, www.tiafielding.com).

On other news, I’ve contracted a first book in a series that I call, at the moment, Finnshifters. It’s basically my take on the shapeshifter-lore and the story is placed in Finland. In my universe there are “cat and dog” shifters, and the first book is about Mikael, a half-shifter who runs his small family farm his dad turned into a shifter sanctuary, and the shifter he falls in love with. Naturally it’s also about the “farm family”, a lot of different kinds of people and I hope you’ll like it!

Chuffed, book 1, will be out at some point in May-June 2012.


I should be writing, but.…

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Okay, a proper status update is in order, I think. Not right now, but I was writing and my brain got shuffled like a deck of cards and here I am, updating my blog. Praise the ADHD.

Anyway. My first novel, By Any Other Name has been out for almost a month now. It’s doing really well, better than I expected, actually. So I’m quite happy. I know the issues the book has and some reader reviews have stated those, so I don’t really disagree with the “not-so-good” reviews this time.

I have two submissions in at Dreamspinner right at this moment. They’re both contemporary and I like both of the stories. Not too angsty, but still not too fluffy romance either. I like both of them and we’ll see if DSP picks them up or if someone else might.

There are two release dates you might want to know about. The first is a Halloween-story for Summerhouse publishing. It’s called Finding Eternity, and it’s a F/F-short story with vampires and blood and angst and all the good stuff. The release date is October 28th.

The second one is a short story with a trans-theme. It’s called Lucky and it will be published by Dreamspinner Press in January 2012. I’ll keep you posted for the exact date when I get it.

I’m working on a short story for one of the DSP’s anthology calls, who knows if it will end up there or not, but I’m working on it anyways. It’s about men and…trout. Don’t ask. ;)

There’s also another, longer story in my WIP-folder, it’s BDSMey and good, I hope. This story is on hold right now though. We’ll see when I get back to it.

Aaand then last but not least, I’m going for two new things soon-ish. One is a three story-series about shifters, and we’ll see about what happens with it. It would have M/M, F/F and M/F/M-stories in it.

The second new thing is my plans for this year’s NaNoWriMo. That one is a vampire story, very dark and angsty. At least that’s my plan for NaNo anyways. Who knows where the muses will go…

Oh, and on yet another piece of news, my swag is ready and will get to me at some point in the next few weeks I think. So then I’ll be sending them to some contest winners etc. And I might just hold another contest eventually. :)

That’s about it. Back to the writing now!


It's mid March already??

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This just hit me today. March 15th. That’s like…wow. Two and a half months of 2011 gone already? How did that happen??

In some weird way, despite the depression and other struggles I’ve had this year, everything seems to be quite okay. For one, I’m writing. I’m writing quite a bit.

What’s up with that, you ask?

  • A novella, working title Auld Lang Syne, will be coming out in June. It is going to be published by Dreamspinner Press.
  • I have other submissions in on other publishers as well, there’s M/M, M/M/F and soon a whole novel of M/M/M that has some interest from a publisher already. 
  • Currently I’m writing a shifter-story, because it just wants to get out of my head… Should be interesting enough, I hope. At least the general idea is a bit different and hey, my shifters will have actual packs with pups and all, not just packs that consist of a handful of gay males… Where do the new wolves come from in those stories?? Not everyone is gay, people.

I’m getting back to the routine of writing every day, making myself write despite producing a ton of utter crap that way. At least I’m writing, the editing comes later…

I’m also reading a lot, right now I’m greatly enjoying the novel Red Skies by Joanne Kells. You can find the book in the Dreamspinner Press website/store. Very good, detailed (but not too detailed), complex story with interesting characters that are actual guys and cowboys, not “girls in guy’s clothes”, like quite a few male characters seem to be in M/M-fiction.

Other than reading and writing, I’ve been trying to will my new piece of ink to heal fast. I love my tattoos and always want more, but the healing can be annoying at times.

I’m also gathering strength to start making a website for myself but can’t see that happening, just not into that so much anymore.

That’s about it this time, folks.

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