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#TBT - Positive - Sale!

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I love all my own books. They’re my babies.

But when one of your babies gets bullied on the playground, what do you do?

That’s what I feel happened with Positive. It’s a book that hasn’t sold many copies, and I know why it is, but it still hurts like hell. Why? Because I love that book, I do.

Readers tend to misunderstand the book and the motives of the main characters, but the main thing is this: people don’t want their M/M romance with HIV mixed in. There’s prejudice there, and every author who has written a book where one of the main characters is HIV positive knows this.

It’s kind of sad, really. It shows more about this world we live in, how people still think HIV is the plague in some ways. I don’t write books without the Happily Ever Afters romance readers prefer. If someone thinks HIV makes the book not-HEA or “just” Happy For Now, then that’s their problem, I guess. For me, it’s part of the journey for these characters.

It still makes me sad to see people not picking this book up. It’s an interesting story, I think. I still love it and the main characters. It’s an established relationship book, and yes, there are people that have liked it, such as these reviewers:

The Novel Approach gave Positive 4/5 stars, saying “Tia Fielding put together a wonderful story full of mystery, romance and some downright smexy moments!”

Jay at World of Diversity Fiction Reviews gave it 4/5 stars, with the comment “Tia Fielding has written an engaging story about Love, the choices we make along with the ramifications, and the feeling of being wronged in some way… I would recommend this book. It is not your typical love story, but the elements are there and these guys are an adorable couple who deal with the challenges of their lives quite well.”

So in case you missed this story, there’s a chance to get it with the 35% discount that’s still going on at Dreamspinner Press’s birthday bash. Give it a chance and make my month?

Even if you don’t like it in the end (and trust me, I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!), I’ll still be appreciative as heck to see my baby getting some interest. Also, reviews are love, even the less good ones! ;)





Dreamspinner has some nic…

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Hi, everyone!

I thought I’d let you know that Dreamspinner has a We Are Thankful Sale going on through Nov. 30th. That means everything on the DSP-website is 20% off! Now is a good time to go and shop for the holidays!

If you use Facebook, you should definitely go and like Dreamspinner, because there’s a code on their FB page that gives 15% off on ONE order of ANY SIZE over the next year! That’s awesome!

Also, every purchase you make before Nov. 30th enters you into a drawing for a Kindle Fire! So go do some shopping already!! :)

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