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Hop Against Homophobia an…

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So here I am, doing my first Blog Hop on May 17th, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I decided to finally be brave and do one because of the  cause that’s so dear to my heart.

Why? Because not only am I part of the community (which ever combination of letters you prefer to use), but I know people who are struggling with their identity, other people’s reactions to them, and the general obstacles we, the non-binary, not straight people face pretty much daily in one way or another.

Despite living in a country where things are relatively good, Finland doesn’t have same sex marriage or adoption rights yet. We’re working on it, and the general climate for this sort of thing seems to be getting better every day. And until that, there’s always same sex civil partnership here, so that’s a plus for sure.

I’ve encountered homophobia and I continue facing it almost daily from someone in my immediate family. The little remarks about “fags” get to me more than I’d like to admit, let alone the transphobic comments that are, luckily, less frequent, mostly because transpeople aren’t on their radar…. Would I come out to them as a genderqueer pansexual? I’m 32 this month and… no. I think I’ll leave that private for now, because back in my teens when I started to identify as a lesbian I took enough of their phobic comments and learned my lesson.

Sometimes, for me personally, it’s not about the fight, it’s about making sure my little sister who is now 15 knows the difference between what this person in our family says and what’s right. So far I’m doing okay, because I can see the variety of friends my sister has, and it’s certainly not straight or narrow! :)

I also decided to do this Hop for promotion, of course. Because what’s more fun than to do a giveaway? Mhmm… thought you’d agree with me on that. :)

I’ll get to what you can win and how in a little bit. First, here’s the link to the Hop’s official page. You should go visit and check out the other blogs that are doing the hop. It’s a great way to support the cause, find new authors, and naturally win some prizes!

Okay, fine, let’s get to it!

What you can win:

  • any one (1) of my already published novels in paperback form
  • a quaranteed paperback of my next novel release “Tainted” that will be out in Aug/Sept at some point.
  • any one (1) eBook from my back catalogue

How can you win?

Well that’s easy! Comment on this post and answer this question:  When was the last time you encountered homophobia or transphobia in your life? There’s no need to explain the situation, I’m just curious about when it was. If you’re a straight ally, tell me anyway, because we all face these situations, no matter who and what we are.

I’ll pick THREE WINNERS no later than May 28th, and I’ll let you guys choose what prize you want, one by one. Also, remember to leave your email address for me to be able to contact you, otherwise you automatically disqualify!

There’s a bonus, too! You can now use the code CB46C during the blog hop to get my short story Rainbows and Trout for free on Smashwords!



Latest News!

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I’ve been doing some promo-stuff and I’ve been featured in two lovely blogs and there’s more to come too.

Here’s the first one, the lovely Sue Brown had me over at her blog, and here’s another one, First Timer Friday at Naughty in the Backseat-blog.

Oh and I also got the blurb for my cowboy-novella and I LOVED it… I’ll share it with you guys later when I have a cover and a release date.


Promo weekend!

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This weekend I’ll be joining some other Dreamspinner Press-authors for a chat about this June’s Daily Dose, First Time for Everything, at the Literary Nymphs‘ yahoo group.

My short story, called Unwind, is included in the Daily Dose and will be on sale June 1st.

I’m planning on a few other promo-things, interviews and stuff, so I’ll keep you posted about them as well.


It's been a while...

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but I’m still here! Promise!

We’re getting closer to release dates, I’m also working on stories (like a sequel to the novella coming out in July) and such… Busy. Well, most of the being busy is actually spring and the ton of work around the yard one has to do while living on a tiny little farm. There’s loads to do, and time for writing is a luxury.

Anyway, I have someone working on a proper website for me, and I’m hoping it will be done sometime soon. Once it is, there will be teasers and freebies and whatnot posted there.

I mentioned Piece of Tales-blog last time I actually updated mine… I’m a guest-blogger-person there every other Wednesday these days, I try to review or something. I wouldn’t call what I do review, but like…something? Anyway, there’s another post tomorrow in case you’re interested.

While waiting for my thingums to be released, I’m having to look into promoting and all that. Somehow it seems weird, having to do that. I mean writing is work in itself now, adding to that seems…almost too much. I know it sounds silly, but it takes a while to get used to living what you’ve dreamed of for a long time.

Other than trying to find time for writing, I’ve actually played PC-games a bit. Some WoW, which is an all time favorite, but also my beloved, pre-ordered The Witcher 2, which was out today. So that’s what I’ve been doing today while it rained and my muses were being annoying bitches. Good game, that one. Very difficult, but still, very good as well.

I’ve read some, right now I’m reading J.L. Langley’s My Fair Captain which has been recommended ti me by a few separate people and it’s so good so far I’m happy I finally got into reading it. I almost wish I could pull off writing something like that… Maybe one day, eh?

Anyway, this was a rambling thing, just to tell you I’m still breathing. Oh and next weekend, there’s a promo-thing at Literary Nymphs I’m online-attending with a bunch of other Dreamspinner Press-authors, so I shall give you links then. Hoping to have my website up by then but if not, I’ll try to be more patient. ;)

In case someone was wondering, haven’t sold the stallion yet, no good enough homes have come forward asking about him. Meh. We shall see.

<3 - Tia


I forgot this one...

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So, despite knowing that I’d given this flash fiction-story to Celia to post on the Piece of Tales-blog, I forgot it completely… Luckily I just remembered it, eh?

The story is thousand words, it’s from the point of view of Quentin, an owner of a gay club, who spots a good looking young guy, Milo, in the security cameras… You read the rest.

Also, there’s a Milo’s point of view, from earlier that day, that will be one of the stories in Fandom Fights Tsunami, a tsunami relief story-compilation. You can find information here, in case you’re interested. I gave Milo’s story for the compilation of stories that you can receive by donating to the cause. There isn’t much we can do when these things happen so far from us, but I still wanted to do something for Japan.

I’m also happy to report, that my first novel has been sent to the publisher and I’m hoping to get a contract soon… I’ll have details for you later this well, I hope.

I have some promo-dates too, but I’ll get to those closer to the actual dates.

It’s springtime where I live, and I’m relieved to see the snow finally gone (except from the places where it was piled up…). That does mean a ton of yardwork though, getting the whole large yard to look good after the winter…not that easy of a task.

I’m also selling my horse, my beloved stallion who has been with me for practically since he was weaned from his mother when he was 7 months old. I first met him when he was a couple of weeks old. He’s turning 5 years old in a few days. It hurts to even think about selling him, but I will if I can find a good home for him. He’s of a rare breed, so I won’t sell him to just anyone, not that I would if he was your average mutt of a horse either. :) Why am I selling him? Because he goes to waste with me. He deserves more of his life than being a yard ornament. I love him enough to let him go.

Anyway, random Tia is random… ;) More news as I get them!

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