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Another freebie!

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If you haven’t read Finnshifters 1 – Chuffed yet, then you can now!

The book is available for ONE HOUR for FREE from the Dreamspinner website today, October 7th.

One hour from 10am EST (or 4pm GMT, if you’re in Europe).



The one where I try not t…

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Lately I’ve been trying to stay away from Goodreads. Why? Because I seem to be getting a lot of reviews that, positive or slightly less so, miss the story’s point completely. Whichever story it is, whatever kind of review it is, I find myself going “did you actually READ the book?” or “wasn’t that obvious?” way, WAY too often.

One of my pet peeves is people who read my shifter book, Chuffed, and compare it to the kind of books I talked about in my blog post at Sue’s blog. Or when they just don’t seem to read the book carefully or slowly enough and then complain about things they missed because they really didn’t see them, I guess?

For example, I’ve had one or two complaints about the shifters in Chuffed going to have their blood tested to be able to bareback. The complaint is that they don’t go to the hospital for other reasons, but they do for this? Like it’s an OUTRAGE for this to happen. My question to these readers is, where in the book does it say they can’t go to a hospital/clinic to have their blood drawn? It’s made very clear–if you read the book, that is–that they won’t go to a hospital when they’re in serious pain because that causes an involuntary shift and they need to stay hidden from the human eyes. Getting your blood drawn wouldn’t cause this…?

Or maybe they think that there’s something in the blood that would expose the shifters somehow? This is not even talked about in the book, but now that I’m talking about it here, no. There’s not a thing in their blood that someone could see and think odd while taking a standard STD-test.

Another thing that comes to mind is about Thank My Lucky Scars, my novella about a bike messenger and a porn star who fall in love. The complaint about this story seems to be that it’s ridiculous/stupid/pretentious/hypocritical/whatever that while the guys don’t have sex, the porn star goes and has sex on the job.

Now, I don’t understand this at all. Honestly. Let’s say you’re in a tentative relationship with someone who doesn’t drink wine. Your job, however, is wine tasting. That’s all you do all day every day, taste wines. Because your romantic interest doesn’t drink wine, do you stop doing your job?

I know it’s not the same, sex and wine are hardly the same (though some say both can be near religious experiences…). My point here is that IT IS A JOB. Do you stop doing your job for your lover who, by the way, understands the nature of your job completely?

Or maybe these people who complain about this aspect of the story don’t understand porn? Don’t approve of it? Or just find porn dirty and disgusting, unless they’re watching it when it’s SUPER HOT. But god damn it if those guys have a real life outside their jobs! That’s just DISGUSTING!

Okay. I think I’m done ranting now. ^^

There are several other things I don’t understand about some reviews or random comments I see about some of my stories, but then again, that won’t prevent me from writing other things people won’t approve of or understand. In some ways, writing a completely understandable book and trying to see how many people don’t actually care to read it carefully enough is… fun. In some masoctistic way, at least.

Another pet peeve? When people round down their .5 ratings on Goodreads. That’s just mean, really. But that’s a whole other rant for some other time.

(PS. There will be a contest at some point soon, you can win a paperback of Technically Dead and whatnot… Keep your eye on this blog and my Facebook and Twitter too. Just remember I’m usually not that SFW with my Twitter links… ;) )


Finnshifters - Chuffed an…

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Hello again!

I’ve gotten a few questions about when the next part of Finnshifters will be out, since you guys seem to be loving the universe that starts with Chuffed. :)

Part two, tentatively called Moving On, has “September” as the release “date”. This is based on my contract, and in my experience, the tentative dates in my contracts are pretty solid. So, Finnshifters 2 will probably be out in September. A few months! Not that bad, right?

And because I get asked a lot… yes, the next part will be Noah’s book. ;)


I'm a wordy bitch, releas…

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For a while now, I’ve tried to find a home for two short stories of mine. I submitted them both to a certain publisher, because my usual publisher, Dreamspinner Press, doesn’t take short stories at the moment.

It turns out their house style clashes really badly with my writing style. While I know I’m wordy, oh so wordy, it’s how I write. The people who like my stories know this and they accept it. The publisher would have wanted me to make significant changes, which–especially with the shorter story–would have even changed the tone of the story.

There is such thing as artist’s integrity. I know that if I’d changed the stories and offered them to this publisher again, they would sell a lot better than if I’d self-publish them. But I just can’t do it. I can’t butcher the stories I love just to get the published. I have an active schedule, plenty of longer stories, novellas and novels, coming out this year. I don’t necessarily need these short stories to be published.

So I decided to self-publish them instead. I’ll let you know when I do. They won’t cost much, three or four bucks total, so don’t worry. ;)

Secondly, the first part of my shifter series, Finnshifters, will be released tomorrow! I’ll do a proper post tomorrow, and at some point soon I’ll tell more about the series at Sue Brown’s blog. The next two parts should come out this year too, so there will be plenty of these “cats and dogs” for you to love soon!

Third thing I thought I’d mention, is my next novel, Technically Dead, I’m editing right now. It’s set to be released in July-August, I don’t know the date yet. As the name suggests, it’s a vampire story. As I edit it, I keep getting to parts that make me remember why I loved to write this book last November.

There’s a soundtrack for the book, I’ll release it as a whole at some point when it’s been published. But the general main theme of the book is Lost In You by Three Days Grace. I’ll attach the video for an acoustic version of it below.

Until I ramble at you, in my usual wordy style, again, see ya!


Birthday stuffs and all t…

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First of all, it’s Dreamspinner Press’s birthday month extravaganza, and the last few days of it. Until the 31st, you can get my books (and ton of others) with 20% off at the website. So go check my stuff here.

Second, my own birthday is coming up on the 29th. Happy Birthday to me, I suppose. :)

Thirdly, I’m taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo in June, so basically I’ll be writing like a maniac for the month. My first project for the first two weeks will be the third part of Finnshifters-series. Now, that said, it’s ALMOST time for the first part of the series, Chuffed, to be out. Not long now!

That’s about it, for now. Have a nice early summer, everyone!


Finnshifters book one, Ch…

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And here it is, on the Coming Soon page. :)


By Any Other Name-freebie…

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I wasn’t going to do this, but I will anyway.

Suddenly yesterday, Thom, Dru and Skye began chatting in my head. They want a Christmas story. So I’m in the process of writing one right now. You should have it before Christmas Eve and I’ll post the link for a .pdf download here, on my Facebook and my Twitter. (You can find links for those on my website, www.tiafielding.com).

On other news, I’ve contracted a first book in a series that I call, at the moment, Finnshifters. It’s basically my take on the shapeshifter-lore and the story is placed in Finland. In my universe there are “cat and dog” shifters, and the first book is about Mikael, a half-shifter who runs his small family farm his dad turned into a shifter sanctuary, and the shifter he falls in love with. Naturally it’s also about the “farm family”, a lot of different kinds of people and I hope you’ll like it!

Chuffed, book 1, will be out at some point in May-June 2012.

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