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Writing Sex -- Or Not?

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I’ve been struggling to write recently, and once again someone brought up the “writing sex for the sake of sex” thing in conversation.

I don’t know about other authors, but I would never write sex for the sake of sex. To sell more books to those who read M/M books for smut. Nope. Not my thing.

If my characters have sex in my stories, they do it for a reason. But the reason is never because I, the writer, thought “well this is a good spot to insert some smexin’”. Even in Technically Dead, in which there’s more sex than in say, By Any Other Name, the sex scenes are there to demonstrate the characters’… well, character. The relationships they have.

Let’s take Bran, for example. He has sex with several people who are not the love of his life. He has sex to feel connected, for comfort, for control. And because it’s fun as hell to have sex with either people you don’t know at all or people who know exactly which of your buttons you might want pushed at any given occasion. No, not my personal opinions, but Bran’s.

Whenever I see a book reviewed as “PWP” or “PWPish” yet I find the blurb interesting, I give the book a chance. I might actually skim some sex scenes if they’re CLEARLY there for the sake of it. But there are plenty of ways to write sex and not all of the “innecessant” sex annoys me. Most of it does, though, I’ll tell you that right now.

I want sex in the books I read if it belongs in them. Same with my writing. I’ve written stories with next to no sex compared to page count (By Any Other Name, Something New) stories where there’s a lot of sex compared to page count (Technically Dead, Lucky, Unwind) and something in between. All this is relative, by the way, what is a lot of sex for my stories, might be peanuts for other writers.

This is exactly why I don’t believe all the reviews I see that say the story has too much sex. I’d rather take a look myself, because the reviewer might be wrong, they might not agree with the kind of sex the characters are having, or they might just feel like there shouldn’t be sex at all or it shouldn’t be as graphic as it is. Everything is relative.

For example, not everyone finds handcuffs sexy. That’s their quirk, not mine. ;)


Countdown to Technically …

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Hello, everyone!

I thought, since Technically Dead is out soon (on the 20th), I’d do a little countdown for you all.

I might be mostly talking about the music of Technically Dead, but I will probably share a lot of other things too, like the faces I see when I think of the characters and things that influenced the story.

And on the day of the release, I’ll also be giving away one eBook copy of the book, so you might want to keep an eye on this countdown to learn how you’re eligible for the “contest”, which won’t really be contest at all. ^^

So let us begin.

As I said, music. Many of my stories have a song or a few I associate with them or the events, characters or places, even scenes. So far only my novels have playlists, though.

There’s a post somewhere in this blog about the playlist of By Any Other Name, in case you’re interested. Just follow the tags.

Technically Dead has even a longer soundtrack, an I keep adding to it occasionally. The latest two additions are Bring Me To Life by Evanescence and Shady by Adam Lambert. Here are the videos for you, I won’t spoil who or what I associate the songs with, though. You can read the book and figure it out yourself! :)

I thought I’d share some of the other songs too, but these I can tell you more about… ;)
Just as By Any Other Name’s “main theme” was Ghosts of Days Gone By by Alter Bridge, there’s one “main them” for Technically Dead as well. This is it:

I love Three Days Grace in general, but when I had just started to write Technically Dead, it hit me that Lost in You was the perfect song for the novel.

Of course I may “see” these songs differently than most readers will, but they’re still very strongly “Technically Dead’s songs”.

Hmm… what next? Well, the funniest thing that I can find from the “soundtrack” is this… :)

Trust me, even when I was writing the book and this song came up as an addition to the soundtrack, I aimed a “really?” at Bran. He insisted. So here it is, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. I think, even though Bran has never said it, that it represents the naive teenager Bran was when he first met Heath.

As I was writing Bran doing everyday mundane things, like walking from one place to another or working in his office, he was whistling this song in my head a lot.

Moves Like Jagger has been my “earworm” for a long time and apparently I gave it to Bran at some point. However, it doesn’t annoy him like it annoys me sometimes, go figure. Yes, writers are a bit odd like that… Nobody ever claimed we were sane… ^^

When I poked at Heath in my head and asked him if he liked contemporary music, he said that he didn’t mind it, but that he rarely found any that he truly liked. When I pressed on, he managed to come up with one song that he absolutely loves, but the smile that he gave me was a bit sad, and if you listen to this, you’ll know why.

That’s about it for today! Because there are almost thirty songs in this list of mine, I’ll share with you the Spotify-link to it. Click here to see more. If you don’t have Spotify and there’s interest, I’ll write them all down and make a post or you can email me and ask about the songs if you want.

Tomorrow is all about places and faces, I believe… So see you!


The Weirdly Miraculous 20…

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Everyone is doing these end of the year-posts, so I decided to look back a little too. Yeah, I’m a regular sheep following the herd…

This time last year I was waiting anxiously to hear from Dreamspinner Press about my anthology submission. It was nervewrecking, mainly because I loved the story, Auld Lang Syne, and it was my first foray into what I knew I wanted to write: original M/M-fiction.

As some of you know by now, the story didn’t make it into the anthology, instead Dreamspinner wanted it separately, and the novella is out there on it’s own. I still remember the feeling of getting that email, by the way, early in 2011, saying they wanted it. It was all so worth it…

Incidentally my first published work was a M/M/F-short story for another publisher, Summerhouse Publishing. An online acquaintance had founded a publishing company and I had a story. It ended up published, and even though I’ve since fallen out with Summerhouse, I don’t regret sending them The Double Ds.

At the end of the year 2011, I have met the goal I set myself way back in ancient history: I have had a novel published. By Any Other Name is a decent first try and I know many people have liked, even loved it. It’s not my favorite thing of what I’ve written and I see faults in it, but it is a decent book with a LOT of things in it that I still managed to make mine. I wanted to write a different book about abuse and a menage-relationship, and I think those boys pulled it off just fine.

I’m also pretty happy with the other things I have out there by now, all of which you can see on my Goodreads page in case you’re wondering. :)

All the while I’ve been writing, all through 2011, I’ve been also battling some personal issues, the main one has been depression, the “friend” that has been following me for most of my adult life.

During 2011 I’ve made a lot of new friends, resurrected some old friendships (to a point) and I’ve certainly erased some people from my life (some of them repeatedly, because I’m a sucker for punishment…). I’ve learned that your time is limited, you’ll not life forever, and so you should try to surround yourself with people you actually like. If someone makes you feel bad or evokes negative feelings, they should go, no matter who they are. Nobody is worth making you feel bad.

All in all, 2011 has been a decent year. I feel like I can maybe learn from my mistakes and failures or things I perceive as either, like selling my beloved stallion who was stressing me out and going to waste being a yard ornament, or having a person I once considered a friend make me feel like crap all the time because of their social inaptitude and general obliviousness to other people’s feelings. Oh and never mind the so called gay porn “star” and his antics, that was “fun” too.

Getting into those situations and letting them bother me as much as they did were failures and mistakes for sure. But I think I’ve learned from them. Now I’m tougher. Again.

The positive of 2011 is that I’m an author now. If I die tomorrow, the people left behind can call me an author. That’s what matters to me. This is what I always wanted to be, This is what I didn’t think would happen, or at least I needed a miracle. Well guess what. Miracles do happen. ;)

I think that my usual “I will not make New Year’s resolutions!”-mantra will be effective this year too, but at least my first thought when the year is changing won’t be “I will survive one more year.” like it has been for so many years. I have some living to do, surviving won’t cut it anymore.

Happy New Year and have a much better 2012, everyone!

(Oh and keep your eyes open, because there will be more stories out there from yours truly soon enough, starting from January 25th. I’m not going anywhere.)


The Great Escape is here!

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As promised, here it is.

The Great Escape, otherwise known as By Any Other Name holiday story is now online.

You can download it here on gdocs, but if you can’t, for whatever reason, please email me and I’ll send it to you instead.

Have a happy and peaceful rest of the year!


And the Results Are in!

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The winner for my little Halloween-contest/giveaway is Rowan!

I’ve contacted the winner and I really want to say thank you to everyone who took their time to share their lovely stories! Now I wish we celebrated Halloween where I live!

Thanks, everyone. :)

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