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So today’s the day. Finally my third novel Falling into Place is out!

Today also marks the end of NaNoWriMo which I failed spectacularly, but I don’t care, much. At least I wrote something! I have plenty of stuff to work on if/when I have the energy and the muses to do so.

There’s also a chance for you to win a signed paperback (and possibly an eBook) at Piper and MJ’s blog! So click here and go comment on the post!

I’m excited to hear what you think about the book, so please send me an email or something once you’ve read it. Or just go and review or rate it on Goodreads, Amazon and the like!


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Hello, lovelies!

Since it is November now, NaNoWriMo is on full swing. It’s day 2 and I have a little over 7k words on my document! Yay for that! I’ve also ordered myself the NaNoWriMo hoodie I’ve been drooling at for two years now… Finally! (It’s all about the little things, trust me on this… ;) )

Falling Into Place is now on Dreamspinner’s Coming Soon page. The release date is November 30th, so you can reward yourself with it once all the work is done. Or something. I don’t really need excuses to buy and read books…. *cough*

Winter! It’s coming. Too fast to my liking! Only early November and we have snow. Several inches of it. Now, that might be fine in general, I’m a Finn, we’re used to snow, but if this doesn’t melt soon, I might go crazy! I hate this sloshy wet part of late autumn/early winter. I don’t want to go outside to slip and slide around the yard! Nevermind going for a walk…. *grumbles* Realistically I know the snow won’t stick yet, but I can’t wait for the mess it makes our yard to clear a little.

On other news, I did go to keep my dad company the other day while he was “rabbit hunting”. I’m using the term “hunting” loosely here, he prefers to sit and listen to the dog bark while running after the rabbits instead of shooting the critters. Oh he does shoot one or two every fall, but that’s kind of minor compared to most who hunt rabbits. And yes, rabbit hunting is a popular thing here in Finland, in case you were wondering. We even have our own hound dog breed here for it.

Anyway, I was with dad and the dog out there and I went on a long walk, ending up at someone’s property (summer cabin, and the someone is a person my dad knows, so it was fine, heh) and since it was on a lakeshore, I went to their little dock to listen to the ice. See, when the lake starts to freeze, the shores are the first to go, obviously, and with how the weather was, there were bits of broken off ice clinking together with the frozen solid part of the shoreline. It was such a pretty sound! Ice music, my mom called it. That’s where the photograph is from in this post. I hope I could add the sound to it!

Contest, I believe I mentioned a contest…. Oh yes! Since FIP is coming out soon, I was thinking about holding a contest! Problem is, I’m not quite sure what kind… Any suggestions?


Things to look forward to

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Lately, I’ve tried to figure out how to do this writing thing while being this The cover for Falling Into Place.depressed. I’ve figured out a few things that I think might work for me.

  • Get rid of deadlines – This means I won’t be getting out anything like Technically Dead 2 or Finnshifters 3 out “in time”. But it takes out the stress, which means I might get my writing mojo back. Don’t worry, I’m still writing them, eventually.
  • Write if you feel like writing, if not… do something else.  – Forcing myself to write will not work. It leads to more stress and depression and, above all, crappy stories.
  • Forgive yourself for letting people down. – I know I have readers now. Readers who await for my books. Sequels are the thing that makes me feel the worst when I fail producing them. Why? Because there ARE people who loved the original book or earlier parts of a series. But the fact stands: It’s either crappy writing from a depressed writer, or better stories from an inspired one.
  • Do what works for you. – I keep my ADHD in check by doing several things at the same time when I write. I play with the kittens, watch a show or a movie, write, go do housework, whatever it takes to keep me from staring at the screen blankly when my brain gets stuck on one thing. If I don’t… well, my ADHD finds it fun to distract me from the writing completely. This is just a way for me to control what my head does.
  • Make your own rules. – I’ve been trying to figure out how to write my NaNoWriMo-story this year. There are things about it that are tricky, if not plain impossible “in real life”. Well guess what? I don’t care. It’s my story which is FICTION. ;)
  • NaNoWriMo your heart out! – I’ve written two of my three (soon) novels during NaNoWriMo. If it works this year, it will also kick my writing in gear in other ways. Right now I’ve not written a word in over a month! That, for a writer, is utterly painful.
  • If you need a break, take one. – I don’t want to quit. I’m not a quitter. So I’m taking breaks. Right now the plan is to do NaNoWriMo and then figure out after that what to do next. Either I’ll get my writing mojo back or not. If not, I’ll take a proper break until I feel like writing again.

I’ve been feeling crappy, like a bad writer, a depressed person, someone who has nothing to give to the field she loves and wants to work in. This might sound… bad, but today I got my Royalty Summary, and I have to say it cheered me up. You guys are buying my books! I can’t be THAT crappy!

So to each and every person who ever bought my books, whether you liked them or not; THANK YOU. You keep me writing, getting better, you give me hope.

Next stop, NaNoWriMo and edits for my next book, Falling Into Place, which will be out next month. And look at the pretty cover!



Another freebie!

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If you haven’t read Finnshifters 1 – Chuffed yet, then you can now!

The book is available for ONE HOUR for FREE from the Dreamspinner website today, October 7th.

One hour from 10am EST (or 4pm GMT, if you’re in Europe).



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I had a lot of fun with this interview, hope you’ll like it! It also has an excerpt from Technically Dead, in case you’re yet to read the book. :)

In other news, people seem to be downloading my freebie story a lot from Dreamspinner’s website. This is excellent news, I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

I’m in a huge writing slump and there’s no end in sight, hopefully the real life stress will lessen soon so I can get my writing mojo back…. It’s not fun being an author who is unable to write. Oh well….


Freebie story out now!

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Hi guys!

Good news, When I Say When is finally out and you can go download it from the Dreamspinner website! :)

Hope you enjoy it!


Back Home

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Last week I was in the UK, in Brighton on the south coast, to be exact. I was there for some much needed vacationing, but also for the UK Meet. It was all so wonderful, although I still loathe flying and came back with a cold that made the plane ride back a bit of a bitch. My ears are still popping a few days later… ugh.

Brighton was marvellous. I’ve been in Hastings which is about one hour east from Brighton and much smaller, but everything else was pretty much as I remembered. I felt at home, somehow. I will definitely go back to Brighton at some point.

Meeting some of the authors I’ve admired and read for a couple of years now was great, as was the whole meet. Meeting or “meeting” as I didn’t get a chance to talk to most of them, people like Zahra Owens, Aleksandr Voinov, Sue Brown, Josephine Myles, Claire London and Jordan Castillo Price, just to mention few, was amazing! To think I was there, one author among others… mindblowing!

In case you’re reading this and you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, I posted 80 photos of the trip today. There are random shots of Brighton and plenty of photos from the Harry Potter Studio Tour as well. That tour in itself was a huge thing for both myself and my teenaged HP-fanatic sister. :) I really loved the place and all the things we saw there.

So what’s next? Well, I’m in the process of trying to tackle Finnshifters 3 now that I’m back home. At the moment I know I should try and write Technically Dead 2, but I may have to skip it for now. It just doesn’t inspire me… Ugh. The depression makes it impossible for me to write anything that doesn’t just flow naturally and since there’s another story in my mind, I may have to write it next instead.

There’s also a freebie short story coming out in the beginning of October. It’s called When I Say When and it’s based on a random idea and another idea I got from listening to too much Foo Fighters. Go figure. You can find the story from Dreamspinner Press’ website.

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to blog more in the future, promise!



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Some time ago I wrote this little story that came to me very randomly. Then I spent weeks and weeks on trying to figure out what to do with it. Eventually I decided that I wanted to give it out for free. The smartest way to do that was to give it to my publisher, Dreamspinner Press, and let them offer it as a freebie on their schedule.

So there it is, on the Coming Soon page! In a bit less than a month, you can read a little story about misunderstandings, high school crushes, loving music and finding love in the unlikely places (in this case, after setting up an appointment with a prostitute…)

Hope you’ll like it!


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Today is the release day for Finnshifters 2: Tiglon By The Tail. I’m so happy! This gives me a boost to write the third book for sure. I hope you all will like it, and yes, there might be a giveaway coming at some point for the book…. Just follow me on social media and you can’t miss it. ;)

Other thing: NEW WEBSITE, YAY! Okay, now that that’s out of my system, a MASSIVE thanks to AngstyG for my gorgeous website. Couldn’t be happier! :)

Third thing, before I forget: I was realizing the other day that based on talking to some of my readers, not all people leave reviews. Now, this is okay, but whether you like books or not, it’s always a good thing to leave a review on either Amazon or Goodreads (or wherever you bought the book from) or even email the author if you want! I, for one, love to hear from my readers. It’s the greatest thanks any author can get to have honest, polite, feedback.

That’s about it for now, really.


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