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It’s time for the annual Goodreads M/M Romance group’s event! There’s a story by yours truly that you can go read for free if you belong to the group (and you should, you know, so join it now!) There are SO MANY awesome stories out already, and more to come during the summer months.

On other news, my next release, a co-written book with Anna Martin, will be out at some point during the summer as well. I don’t have a date yet but when I do, I’ll let you guys know here and on my Facebook and Twitter.

I hope everyone’s having a nice summer so far and that it will only get better!


50 Questions with Tia - S…

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Part two is sadly late but nevertheless here now!

My fellow Dreamspinner author Suki Fleet answered some of my crazy fifty questions and added one of her own. Again, with lack of a default picture for the series, I’m going to use the cover of Suki’s book This Is Not a Love Story (Harmony Ink YA novel) instead.


3) Name an author from the M/M romance genre you admire, then tell us why.

Harper Fox. I greatly admire her style, some of her writing is just so so beautiful.

12) If you could live a day in your favorite film, knowing to come out of the experience alive and well whatever the genre, would you?  

Um…I’ve no idea what my favorite film is…but yes! I’m up for the action/adventure (and it would be action/adventure).  Horror scares me shitless and I cannot stand watching romances (reading and writing them is something else entirely J)

18) Do you like puzzles? If so what kind?

Yes, anything that involves picking out patterns and shapes. And Sudoku. I’m very bad at word puzzles :P

41) Adopt a baby polar bear or a baby tiger. Pick one and why?

Tiger. I’d probably be more scared of a polar bear than a tiger- has anyone ever successfully trained a polar bear…?

46) What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Pink champagne. Bubbles!!

51) Bonus question by Suki:

If you could no longer write (for whatever reason) through what other medium would you want to express your creativity (art/drawing/painting/sculpture, photography, music etc..)?

I’m very visual. My day job involved working with patterns and I have always wanted to be able to draw.





50 Questions with Tia - A…

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Here’s the first of my 50QwT. Because I don’t have a suitably sized image for the 50Q posts yet, I’m going to use the oh-so-awesome cover for Anna’s upcoming release, the third book in her Another Way series. Having read To Say I Love You, I can vouch for the book. It’s awesome, and it will be released on May 19th.


1)      You’re going to end up on a desert island, all alone except a couple from one of your published stories. You get to choose, but keep in mind you’d probably end up witnessing them trying to kill boredom with sex. A lot. Which couple would you choose, and why?

Oh, it’s got to be Jesse and Will from the Another Way books. Partly because I think they’d let me join in with the sex.
Plus, I think we’d have plenty to talk about (when we weren’t all fucking like bunnies) and I know I like them both a lot. There’s no chance of us wanting to kill and eat each other (I hope).

10)   What’s the weirdest bit of inspiration that has led to an actual published story?

Probably learning that there’s a ski resort in Utah called Solitude. (Tia knows all about this…) I thought it was so interesting that a town would be called that, and decided I wanted to write a book set there. I sort of plot-bashed it with Tia for a while – we do this a lot – and we decided to write the story together. The whole thought process around what sort of person would run away to a place called Solitude really intrigued me. I think it’s going to be a great novel, I’m really proud of what we did with that idea.

16)   Do you believe in the supernatural (using the term loosely here)? If so, what kind, i.e. UFOs, ghosts, rebirth, poltergeist?

Nope. Not at all. I’m probably more agnostic than atheist – I believe that there are forces of good and evil in the world but they come from within us, rather than external sources. As for the whole ghosts, UFOs… there’s an intense need for humans to feel like there’s something else watching us. Dylan Moran, who’s one of my favourite comedians ever, puts this really well in a skit. To paraphrase; when we’re kids, we like to show off for our parents – “Mummy, Daddy, look at what I can do. Watch me do this.” And we’re still doing that as adults, but we replace Mummy and Daddy with God, or aliens, or ghosts, or whatever. We like to think that someone’s watching. Someone’s noticing the things we do, and that they matter.

To think that it’s all for nothing is actually bloody depressing.

32)   Think about yourself fifteen years ago. What would you want to tell that person that’s not too personal to share with us?

Fifteen years ago I was… twelve. Oh, pre-pubescent, angsty me was a whole bundle of laughs, I’m sure. I’d say “Invest in mobile phone companies. No, really. It’s gonna be a thing.” Also, “Be at the top of the Empire State Building at 2.30pm on Monday 17th May 2010. It’s very important,” just to freak myself out.

37)   Almost everyone has a quote that has stuck with them for a long time. Do you have one?

Probably my favourite is “Luminous beings are we, not this dark matter.” Which is from Yoda in Star Wars, of course.
Here’s another, just for fun:
“Unknowingly, we breathe the dust of stars, blown about us by the wind, and drink the universe in a cup of rain.” – Ihab Hassan

And from my tattoo:
Alis volat propriis – which is Latin for “she flies with her own wings”.


What’s your biggest regret in life?

To which I’d answer, my dad always told me, “regret the things you do, don’t regret the things you didn’t do.” I regret letting my health and weight run away without paying attention to the signals my body was giving me. I knew there was something wrong, I just didn’t know how to articulate the problem, so it got consistently worse over a number of years. Now I’m fighting a huge fight to get my weight, health, and life back under control. But I’m winning. So it’ll all be okay in the end.


Anna’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annamartinfiction

Her website: http://www.annamartin-fiction.com/

And her Dreamspinner Press main author page: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/index.php?cPath=489


Heads Up!

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Hi everyone! I wanted to give you a heads up, a forewarning if you will, to keep your eyes glued to this spot here. *points* Why? Because there’s this AWESOME thing happening soon right here on my blog and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

The thing is called 50 Questions with Tia, and it goes something like this: I have a list of 50 questions (posted below), and I’ve asked my fellow Dreamspinner Press authors to participate in the madness. They were able to pick two questions from those fifty and then they also had to come up with a bonus question of their own. To add to those three, I hand-picked three more, bringing the total up to six questions. Then they answered those, and I’m about to start posting them here on my blog weekly, sometimes twice a week.

Authors that are participating include Anna Martin, Zahra Owens, Jay Northcote, Raine O’Tierney and KZ Snow and many, many more.

So what are those questions, you ask? Well here you go, the complete list of my questions. Whichever did your favorite author pick? You’ll see soon enough!

1)      You’re going to end up on a desert island, all alone except a couple from one of your published stories. You get to choose, but keep in mind you’d probably end up witnessing them trying to kill boredom with sex. A lot. Which couple would you choose, and why?

2)      What’s your go-to book of any genre when you want to feel good?

3)      Name an author from the M/M romance genre you admire, then tell us why.

4)      Sometimes authors say they have voices in their heads that comment on mundane things even while we’re not writing those exact characters. Do you have any experiences on such a thing? Has a character piped up surprisingly in your head?

5)      Is there, or has there been, a person in your life you dreaded telling about writing M/M romance?

6)      Everyone hits a pothole sometimes when writing. How do you cope with temporary writer’s blocks?

7)      Do you prefer to write one story at a time, or do you have several WIPs at any time? Have you ever gone back to a really old WIP you’ve abandoned and finished it?

8)      Do you have a writer’s cat or a dog or some other animal (spouses count if you want them to)?

9)      Have you studied anything that you consider backs you up as a writer? Research doesn’t count.

10)   What’s the weirdest bit of inspiration that has led to an actual published story?

11)   Do you watch TV? If yes, what’s your favorite show? If not, why?

12)   If you could live a day in your favorite film of all time, knowing to come out of the experience alive and well no matter the genre of the movie (for example, horror), would you?

13)   Are there things or themes you regret writing, when you look back at your published works?

14)   Is there a theme you would like to explore in your writing? Not necessarily a genre, but a theme like HIV, poverty, domestic violence, addiction, insta-love, that sort of thing?

15)   Do you listen to music while you write? Do you make playlists for stories, or do you consider some song the “theme” to a story you’ve written?

16)   Do you believe in the supernatural (using the term loosely here)? If so, what kind, i.e. UFOs, ghosts, rebirth, poltergeist?

17)   Do you consider yourself a spiritual/religious person?

18)   Do you like puzzles? If so, what kind?

19)   Computer games, yes or no?

20)   Are you a caffeine addict?

21)   Quick, a shooting star! What did you wish for?

22)   What’s a scent you like? How about something smelly you hate?

23)   Do your bras and panties match? If you don’t use those, what kind of underwear do you prefer? (Look at me being gender neutral!)

24)   Do you work better under a deadline or not?

25)   I have a theory about many writers suffering from depression at one point of their life or another. Are you one of those authors?

26)   You’ve just submitted a work to a potential publisher. Do you get the “post submission slump” some authors get? If not, do you realize how lucky you are (ha ha…)? If you do, how do you deal with it?

27)   For some reason, you are required to uproot your life and move to another country. You can only take your pets and your immediate family (spouse, kids, but not your parents or other relatives). Where do you move and why?

28)   Could you just stop writing, for the rest of your life? (You can figure out a reason of your own if you want to.)

29)   What’s the bravest thing you’ve done in your life and why? (Can’t be about writing, this one.)

30)   You can only watch one TV show for the rest of your life. What show is it? Why?

31)   Do you still write letters by hand, or send post cards outside vacations/birthdays/etc?

32)   Think about yourself fifteen years ago. What would you want to tell that person that’s not too personal to share with us?

33)   Do you belong to a fandom? If so, which one/s?

34)   Who is your literary idol and why?

35)   Have you been good at some sports at some point in your life?

36)   Writing summaries and blurbs, love it or hate it?

37)   Almost everyone has a quote that has stuck with them for a long time. Do you have one?

38)   What’s the event that has most shaped you as a writer?

39)   You can time travel safely, knowing that you won’t be harmed and will come back in a week.  You can go back in time (50 years) or into the future (100 years). Which do you pick, where will you go, and why?

40)   Do you consider yourself a romantic? If so, what’s the last thing you did you consider romantic?

41)   Adopt a baby tiger or a baby polar bear. Pick one and why?

42)   Do you have a personal theme song? If not, when what’s the song that makes you dance in your seat every time you hear it randomly (on the radio, on TV etc.)?

43)   Who is your celebrity crush? Would it change if you knew you could get that person?

44)   If you were drunk, who would you like to look after you?

45)   Do you have a lucky number? Why?

46)   What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage? If you don’t drink alcohol, favorite soda?

47)   Confess something.

48)   If you could wake up tomorrow with any real-life skill that would normally take years to master (for example; astrophysics, ballet, fine art, professional football player, chef) what would you pick and why?

49)   What Hogwarts house are you in?

50)   Do you have tattoos? If you do, tell us about it/them? If not, would you have one or not, and why?

First post will be my dear friend and co-author Anna Martin, and I hope to get it posted this coming weekend! I hope you’ll enjoy the madness!


The Truth and a Lot of Ot…

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Whenever someone comments on a book I’ve written or read, and comments on how this or that didn’t meet their expectations, I wonder whether they realize the books are rarely written for any single reader in mind. They might be written for the more general idea of “readers,” but most often—at least I hope so—they’re written for the author, because the stories just need to get out.

I’ve often gotten comments about writing females that are either “surprisingly nice” or “total bitches.” I’ve also had people say there was a male character who was a total shit in the story, and other comments that say another male character was really well written and surprisingly nice.

I have no clue why any of that should be surprising. Why? Because while I write fiction, I try to keep it realistic to a point. In real life, ALL WOMEN AREN’T BITCHES and ALL MEN ARE NOT ASSHOLES. Yes, there are both in this world, everyone knows someone like that, but those can’t be the only kind of people we write. Not even when that bitch you still hate like nobody else wants to end up as a character in your book.

People have different views and different experiences in life. Everyone looks at what they read or watch or even write from their own, more or less narrow view. Sometimes something an author has written in a book upsets or even insults them. Like my dear friend Anna Martin says, in that case the only thing for the author to do is to say “I’m sorry.”

I’d add that the next thing is to move on and hope the reader can deal, because while authors have to take responsibility over what they write, we don’t always get to choose what we write. The muses don’t work that way. But a reader ALWAYS has the choice of what to read. They have the choice of not picking up another book of an author whose work upset or insulted them, ever again. Or even if they just plain disliked someone’s book.

Another thing that recently came up for me personally was a review I happened to see. It was something I’d seen before, and it went a little bit like this: “I had the same problem with this book I have had with other books by Tia Fielding before.” I won’t even mention what the problem was, specifically. I don’t have to, to make my point. This boils down to the previous paragraph in my ramble: a reader never HAS TO read another book by author they don’t like or they had been disappointed with.

If I didn’t like, say Nutella, but kept trying it over and over again and telling people left and right now I STILL don’t like Nutella, wouldn’t they think I’m nuts? (Pun not intended.) Seriously? There’s a quote of unclear origins that fits this example to a T.

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.

In the case of a reader leaving low rating reviews over and over again (and a handful of other readers doing the same thing) it might actually lead to drops in average ratings and then low sales for an author who only wrote what their muse and his/her wicked plot bunnies dictated them to.

I also bumped into this thing today: coming out or not coming out in books (or in real life). Now there are readers and authors alike who might try to take the high road on their high horse and claim that it’s wrong for a character in a book to NOT come out. Like choosing to be closeted might be a Bad Thing.

I firmly believe in choice and responsibility, and I believe in them in that exact order. Would I write a story about someone who from the beginning to the end of the book abuses a spouse with clear conscience and makes it into a good thing? No, because that’s plain wrong in all sort of ways I also find WRONG outside my writing. I wouldn’t go against my own beliefs in my writing and show it in a good light. That’s my artist’s integrity speaking, and my integrity as a person.

Coming out is different. There is no right answer to whether someone should come out or not, and this goes with both fiction and real life. Whenever someone screams that this or that celebrity should just come out already to support the GLBTQ community, I look at them blankly. Yes, I think it would benefit the community, but you do not make those decisions for someone else.

Coming out, whether you’ve had to do it or not yourself, whether you had positive or negative results yourself, is yours only when YOU are the one coming out in YOUR personal life.

You, whoever you are, do NOT own the coming out process of someone else, real or fictional. I can’t stress this enough, really. As someone who has had to come out in real life, the thought of someone dictating another person’s truth is just insane to me.

Everything about coming out is about truth. You might see not coming out as lying, and frankly I don’t give a shit if you do or if you think it’s detrimental to the GLBTQ community, because it’s someone else’s truth, and sometimes it’s better to lie to protect yourself or those around you. The reasons are as many as there are people in the closet or out in the open. But they’re not your reasons.

Okay, today’s rant is done. Finally. I hope you’re having a nice time-of-the-year wherever you are, and please do stay tuned to my blog, because I have a fun little thing (weird author interviews is the most accurate way to describe it all) coming up in the near future in weekly posts.





Novel Number Five!

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I suddenly have Lou Bega’s Mambo Number 5 playing in my head. (You’re welcome.)

I guess I never thought I’d come this far. Four years ago I was thinking I wouldn’t be published before my thirtieth birthday. That was my original Big Dream, by the way. I was published a few days after my thirtieth in 2011. So I almost made it, and I have to be happy with that.

Now, three years later, I have several—holy crap, almost ten!—shorter stories out there, and in a few days my fifth novel will be out there for everyone to see. FIVE NOVELS. Can I repeat HOLY CRAP!

How did all of this happen? When I started writing fan fiction almost five years ago after having not written a thing in years, I never thought this was where I was heading. It wasn’t my intention to be a published author. Instead, I’d found a new fandom I enjoyed, found out I could relate enough to use someone else’s characters and write these stories some people actually liked to read.

That was mind blowing: Someone liked what I wrote. These days the feedback is less instantaneous and I can’t just upload a story I’ve just finished to some website and know that by the morning someone has left a comment. What hasn’t changed is the fact that I’m still blown away whenever someone who likes my books emails me to say so.

I’m not a big name in M/M romance and I probably never will be, but that’s not why I write so it’s fine. I write for me, because my head likes to get the evil bunnies hopping about out before I go crazier. I write because there’s no other way for me to live anymore.

Even when I struggle with real life stuff and health stuff or even the fact that I live a long way away from any big events that mostly happen in the US, the plot bunnies keep doing their thing and there will be more stories, eventually.

The next one that’s out, number five, is a story of a washed out alcoholic country music star Jasper and a truck driving, songwriting, tattooed ex soul surfer Cade. The story also has rescue pitbulls, inner struggles, coming out, families, and lots of music references I couldn’t help—the boys insisted.

So if you like Mirage, let me know. I’d really love to hear from you. Oh and if you want to, you can follow my daily music countdown to Mirage on my FB author page, just click here.


Holiday Freebie Story!

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I hope everyone has a lovely holiday. Here’s a freebie short short story from yours truly. The link is to my Mediafire and it’s completely safe to download from there. I hope you enjoy the story, and have a nice rest of the year!


Finnshifters 3: Howl Swee…

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Holy crap! I totally almost forgot it was TOMORROW! So yeah, umm… A few things:

This book is Sean and Rider’s story. As always in this series, it’s also the story of what’s going on at the farm. It’s still not your typical romance story nor your typical shifter story, so there’s that. If you’re still with me on the series, THANK YOU! I love these guys, even if they’re difficult to write sometimes.

I have a Facebook chat at the Dreamspinner Press’s FB page coming on Saturday the 16th, so be there if you want a chance to win either a copy of Howl Sweet Howl or Positive. Or maybe some others, too. Who knows what I’ll come up with!

There’s also a blog tour that’s kicking off from that chat, and I’ll be updating information on my Facebook page, so you might want to check that out too.

What else…. Well, I do hope you enjoy FS3 and yeah, there might be one or two more books in the series, but more on those in the FB chat! ;)


Coming Soon, Finnshifters…

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After doing the writing thing for a couple of years and having seen quite a few release dates and coming soon page appearances, I’m happy to report that it still makes me go “ooooh!” and smile widely when I see that email in my inbox that says my next release is now on the coming soon page.

This time it’s Finnshifters 3: Howl Sweet Howl, which is Sean and Rider’s story, but as always with this series, it’s a story of how life continues on the farm after The Storm. If you haven’t read this series yet, but are interested in taking a look at my shifters, please start with FS1: Chuffed. There’s a continuous plot underneath the love stories, and you’ll miss out if you don’t read the books in order.

To celebrate FS3 and Positive, I’m planning on a blog tour AND I have a Facebook chat coming up on the Dreamspinner Press’s FB page too, so keep your eyes open so you won’t miss it. ;)


Rainbow Award Finalists A…

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And, despite my disbelief, Falling into Place is one of them! The category for FiP is LGBT Erotic Romance, and I’m against some seriously scary names, let alone books. I’m dumbfounded to have made it this far, and frankly this is just…. *has no words for once* Also, please go Like my FB page. I’ll be doing a giveaway sometime soon-ish, so you might want to be in the loop for that and other news! :)

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