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The Maze

Genre: M/M, Romance, Supernatural

This is a Halloween Howl Free Story from Dreamspinner Press. This was a limited edition that is no longer available at Dreamspinner Press. HE RAN. Faster than he’d run ever before in his life. Part of his mind still couldn’t believe he was made to do this. But then,  as  he  rounded  a  corner  and  took  off  to  what  he thought  was  west,  he  heard  the  cackle  of  the  predator behind him. It didn’t leave much room for doubt. He had always known his grandmother, who had been a young girl when vampires and other supernaturals revealed themselves to the human world, had been right. Never, ever trust a supernatural. They toy with you, they use you, they’ll do anything to convince you, and then, then they take whatever they want. Micah  ran,  the  cobblestones  cold,  wet  and  slippery under his bare feet. The coppery taste in his mouth, the … Continue reading

The Great Escape (By Any …

Genre: Contemporary, M/M/M, Romance

When their first Holiday season as a menage approaches, Thom realizes they’ll have problems with Skye’s past, once again. Instead of subjecting their lover to the side effects of the Holidays, like Christmas and Christianity, Thom and Dru decide to rent a cabin and retreat to the mountains. Their holidays might not be typical, but they are all about what is truly important, with a little bit of hot loving included. When they first heard of Skye’s problem with anything overly religious, Thom didn’t realize how difficult the holidays would be. Then, suddenly they were bombarded with Christian this and Christmas that from every direction. The “uncle” who had held young Skye captive as a sex slave had been a religious nut. Unspeakable things had been done to Skye in the name of the uncle’s Lord. Some things were so blasphemous Thom cringed at the thought and then blocked them … Continue reading

Hawk's Sparrow

Genre: M/M, Romance

This free ebook is volume three in a collection of short stories celebrating love, sex and romance between men. It is a product of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group Hot Summer Days event and features original stories from 27 authors; if you like what you read, come join our group! ”When will it get easier, Sparrow?” Carla, the mother of the child writhing on the narrow bunk bed, asked, wringing her hands in despair. “Shouldn’t be much longer now.” Sparrow tried to calm her down. In reality, he didn’t know. No one would. A piercing scream echoed in the small log cabin, turning into a howl at the end. “That’s a good sign, the wolf is showing itself,” Sparrow smiled and looked at the woman apologetically, “You better go. The wolf won’t recognize its mother, but it does recognize its Omega.” It was clear Carla was torn; every mother would … Continue reading

Stars To Guide Me

Genre: Romance

This story was originally written for a Tsunami-relief fundraiser several fan fiction fandoms did together. This story is original fiction, and should not be redistributed elsewhere. It can, however, be reblogged and linked to other sites. Just keep the origin clear. Thank you. It was one thing to be a teenager and hell if Milo wasn’t happy to be over that officially, but it was a completely different to be viewed as one even when you weren’t. Teenager meant ‘kid’. Milo was anything but. This was one of the moments that would just make it more obvious that he wasn’t a kid, hadn’t been in many years. As he stood there, his cell in his hand, he realized he was more mature than he ever gave himself credit for. He hadn’t thrown a hissy fit or called Greg names. No, he had just told him goodbye, plain and simple. It … Continue reading

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