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One Hundred Happy Days

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Hello, everyone! I’m trying to pick up this blogging thing once again, mostly because there will be future releases coming soon and well, promotion and all that. It needs to be done, whether we authors like it or not. So hi you, reading this! I’m happy I reached you!

The title of this post is One Hundred Happy Days, because today, on July 10th of 2016, I started a new #100happydays challenge. What is this, you ask? Well, I’m trying to put it as simply as I can, bear with me:

For 100 days, you take a photo each day of something that brought you happiness that day. It can be literally anything, it’s up to you, because you’re doing this for yourself, not for anyone else. When you have your photo, you post it online somewhere, like Facebook or Instagram, maybe Twitter. Whatever you might like best, more or less. I, myself, crosspost to Instagram and Facebook.

You need to tag your photo each day with #100happydays and the number of the day, i.e. #day1. This is just so anyone following (and you!) can see them easier. In case you want to do it all in private, go ahead, skip the tagging, don’t even post your photos online, just take one and do whatever works for you, like put them in a folder in your phone or your computer to track your project.

I did this two years ago and I found that it brought me a better understanding of what kind of happiness there was in my life. I don’t consider myself a happy person, with constant depression it’s tricky to anyway, but even a pretty flower spotted somewhere, a pet acting goofy, seeing a movie or something other everyday thing would make it to my list and I’d feel better. Finding happiness in the ordinary is amazing. Being consciously looking for it, or realizing when it’s right in front of you makes a difference. Trust me on this.

The picture on this post is my #day1. It’s a random photo I took today from my parents’ yard that is oh so green this time of year. Happiness in small things, for sure.

That said, I have a new novel coming out within a month! There’s a cover reveal and a giveaway going on at Love Bytes, so please do check that out and maybe win a book! 


#TBT - Positive - Sale!

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I love all my own books. They’re my babies.

But when one of your babies gets bullied on the playground, what do you do?

That’s what I feel happened with Positive. It’s a book that hasn’t sold many copies, and I know why it is, but it still hurts like hell. Why? Because I love that book, I do.

Readers tend to misunderstand the book and the motives of the main characters, but the main thing is this: people don’t want their M/M romance with HIV mixed in. There’s prejudice there, and every author who has written a book where one of the main characters is HIV positive knows this.

It’s kind of sad, really. It shows more about this world we live in, how people still think HIV is the plague in some ways. I don’t write books without the Happily Ever Afters romance readers prefer. If someone thinks HIV makes the book not-HEA or “just” Happy For Now, then that’s their problem, I guess. For me, it’s part of the journey for these characters.

It still makes me sad to see people not picking this book up. It’s an interesting story, I think. I still love it and the main characters. It’s an established relationship book, and yes, there are people that have liked it, such as these reviewers:

The Novel Approach gave Positive 4/5 stars, saying “Tia Fielding put together a wonderful story full of mystery, romance and some downright smexy moments!”

Jay at World of Diversity Fiction Reviews gave it 4/5 stars, with the comment “Tia Fielding has written an engaging story about Love, the choices we make along with the ramifications, and the feeling of being wronged in some way… I would recommend this book. It is not your typical love story, but the elements are there and these guys are an adorable couple who deal with the challenges of their lives quite well.”

So in case you missed this story, there’s a chance to get it with the 35% discount that’s still going on at Dreamspinner Press’s birthday bash. Give it a chance and make my month?

Even if you don’t like it in the end (and trust me, I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!), I’ll still be appreciative as heck to see my baby getting some interest. Also, reviews are love, even the less good ones! ;)





Dreamspinner Press Birthd…

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So my lovely publisher, Dreamspinner Press, is celebrating nine years this year. This means, that because I’m a year five author, all my titles are 35% off during the week of May 8-14.

Here’s the link to my page at their author arcade, or you can just go to their site and search for my name for the simple listing of my titles in alphabetical order!




It's Alive!

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Hello people!

So yes, I’m alive and kicking, still! Surprise, right? At least if you don’t follow me in social media, that is. If you just read this blog it would totally seem like I’ve quit on everything two years ago.

That might actually be sort of the truth, if I really think about it.

It wasn’t really that I quit writing on purpose. It’s just that my depression swept over me like the effing tsunami it can be, and I gradually realized I wasn’t writing anymore.

There have been several tries to write blog posts that had never got uploaded or even finished, thoughts on hosting a giveaway here and there (I think I did one some time ago, but that was on my Facebook.)

I’ve failed the whole “marketing myself” bit, and right now if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you mostly see puppy pictures, because I’m getting a new puppy in two weeks, yay! (FAIL. Promo wise. I know. Otherwise, quite cute.)

So what have I been up to lately? Or like, in the last two years when I’ve not posted here… Oops.

Well, there’s this short story I wrote last summer for Dreamspinner’s Daily Dose. It’s called Up to Boil, and it’s a May/December blue collar kind of thing. That’s literally the only thing I’ve had out there since Solitude. It did felt good to have something released out in the wild (from the constraints of my head, haha), though. So yay for that!

Right now I’m in the middle of trying to make a deadline for their States of Love submission call. The deadline is in a few days and I’m pretty sure I’ll make it. My state is Colorado, by the way, and it’s a story with a weird kind of structure, but more about that when it actually has a release date.

The really good news, though? I’ve signed a contract for a novel that’ll be out sometime in August/September. It’s a story about a “horse whisperer” who takes one last job to heal a horse, and ends up healing the rider, too. And maybe, possibly, they heal him a bit right back…? The theme of this story is largely about family, as my stories tend to, but another theme is depression. I hope I’m doing it justice, because it would suck to not be able to with the extensive “research” on the matter I’ve done most of my adult life. *insert wry laughter here*

So that’s about it, folks. Oh, and if you want a free copy of Up to Boil, message me on Facebook and I’ll see what I can do (for the first three people, at least. ;) )


Anna Takes Over - Ponderi…

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I love how everything to do with Solitude sounds very dramatic. Even the title of this post.

It’s been a few weeks now since Solitude was released and I’ve had chance to sit back, look at what people have been saying about it, and generally just reflect on what is a very non-standard romance novel.

I think when we were writing it, Tia and I knew that we’d possibly ruffle some feathers with this book. Liam and Gael are potentially controversial characters with unusual jobs and fairly progressive attitudes. We didn’t hold back with the plot and threw everything at those boys.

The main problems people seem to have are around the HIV storyline and Liam’s hooking, which is pretty much exactly what I expected! I wanted to address these points, if I may.

I don’t think either of the boys’ attitude towards HIV infection is blasé. Liam is very aware of the implications of a positive test result – it would impact his life, his career, his main source of income. It was this fear, for his livelihood, that provoked Liam into running away from LA and his life there. So he knows the risks.

There’s a scene in the book where the boys engage in ‘docking’ – a sexual practice where an uncircumcised man slides his foreskin over the head of a circumcised man’s cock. There’s a brief discussion around this as to whether Gael is at any risk of HIV infection from this activity, since Liam’s status is technically unknown at this time, and they decide to do it anyway.

I did a lot of research into HIV for this novel, including whether there was any chance Gael could contract the disease from this. (This article has more, if you’re interested http://www.thebody.com/h/docking-risk-of-getting-HIV.html) The views of the professionals are, the risks are negligible. Even if Liam were positive (and he isn’t) there’s absolutely no recorded evidence of someone contracting HIV this way. Now, I know for some readers, the fact that there’s any risk at all means they shouldn’t do it.

But I can’t help but think that the boys put themselves at far greater risk by their day jobs than by this one act.

Which leads me neatly on to Liam hooking.

One of the main things that changes for Liam over the course of the novel is he realizes that sex and making love are two different things. Though he has had a lot of sex in his life – a LOT – he’s never been with a partner and made love. Gael changes that for him.

By the end of the novel Liam knows he can fuck and be fucked by other guys, and still go home to his partner and make love. The physical act might be the same, but the intention behind it is completely different. Sex isn’t just sex any more.

I’m proud that I can say I was part of a novel that opens up these kinds of discussions. HIV isn’t a death sentence for people in the western world today, and we need to start breaking down some of the stigma around people who are positive, who can and do live full and happy lives regardless of their status. Of course porn studios and prostitutes need to ensure sex workers are protected against the risk of infection – it’s still a serious disease – but the only way we can start to address the issue of HIV is to talk about it.

If I could go back and change anything about the novel, would I? No. Not at all. I know there are things people don’t like about it and I’m okay with that. But Solitude has a message, and watering it down for the sake of popularity just isn’t the Anna Martin way. ;)


Thoughts on Gender Identi…

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As a kid, I was tomboyish. My best friends were my girl cousin who I saw mostly on holidays and some school friends, most of who were boys. It was roaming in the forests and riding bikes with the boys I enjoyed the most in addition of playing with my cousin (My Little Ponies, Barbies, all sort of toy horses we could get our hands on….)

I had crushes on boys and my first real teenage crushes were all male, up until I was sixteen. That’s when I realized I was into women as well. From then on, I started to understand I’d had crushes on females all along, and by the time I was eighteen, I met my first partner and then proudly proclaimed myself a lesbian for nearly a decade.

Now, if I still identified as a lesbian, I could say I’m a Gold Star. I’ve never even kissed a male, and when it comes to the average heterosexual male, I’m not sure if I want to. For several reasons. I do, however, get turned on by the idea of men, and I’ve realized I basically just look at people as… people.

I’m very much in the never say never boat these days, and I try not to limit myself in any way, and I don’t care about labels. If prompted, I’d say that right now I identify as genderqueer and pansexual. Why? Because I don’t feel like I’m a woman, but I don’t want to be a man either. Biologically I’m a female, and I don’t have any sort of dysphoria, but I don’t feel like a woman. That’s not who I am.

It goes beyond being a tomboyish adult woman. I don’t pay attention to things that I do and how manly/feminine they might seem. I can bake and change the car tires when they need changing. I hate clothes shopping, own many cats, love computer games and watch gay porn. Those things make me… me. They have nothing to do with what’s in my underwear or—when it comes to gender—my head.

Lately there have been several M/M authors who have come out as transgender. An old roleplaying friend also subtly came out with not fitting into the gender stereotype. The first person I was ever in love with is transgender. The second person I was ever in love with is married to a transgender person. Non-binary people are everywhere and I LOVE that the world is changing to include “my people” a little bit more.

Because I think a lot, there are thoughts in my head about gender issues as well, go figure. Like I think part—however large or small it may be—of young girls leaning towards masculinity and coming out as female to male transgender has to do with the expectations modern society sets on the fragile shoulders of young people, especially those born into a female body. Whether it’s the case of more knowledge and awareness or something else, I don’t know, but suddenly there are options to reinvent yourself in a new way, and I believe some people make those decisions a little bit too hastily. That’s why I’m glad the medical experts on this field are getting more and more knowledgeable, after all they’re there for a reason.

I’m not in any way saying being trans is fake or that anyone I know or might read this is going through a phase. I’m merely pointing out the society we live in putting pressure on traditional gender roles and the unfair expectations that come with the words “It’s a girl!/It’s a boy!” might be affecting the way we think of ourselves when it comes to our gender, too.

Another thing I’ve noticed lately as well is the way some women treat GLBTQ people/couples as their favorite pets online. The kind of “lookit how cute they are!” posts I’ve seen on Facebook and other websites recently make me a bit nauseous. We queers are not there to be your GBFs or your fun curiosities that you use to show others how open minded you are. It’s just the same as if you called a straight couple cute because one or both of them are of different race than you are. The line between admiration and being plain creepy is slimmer than you think.

I think I’ve ranted enough, now. So this is me signing my queer arse out for now. Rant to you later!


Love's Landscapes Event -…

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It’s time for the annual Goodreads M/M Romance group’s event! There’s a story by yours truly that you can go read for free if you belong to the group (and you should, you know, so join it now!) There are SO MANY awesome stories out already, and more to come during the summer months.

On other news, my next release, a co-written book with Anna Martin, will be out at some point during the summer as well. I don’t have a date yet but when I do, I’ll let you guys know here and on my Facebook and Twitter.

I hope everyone’s having a nice summer so far and that it will only get better!


The Truth and a Lot of Ot…

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Whenever someone comments on a book I’ve written or read, and comments on how this or that didn’t meet their expectations, I wonder whether they realize the books are rarely written for any single reader in mind. They might be written for the more general idea of “readers,” but most often—at least I hope so—they’re written for the author, because the stories just need to get out.

I’ve often gotten comments about writing females that are either “surprisingly nice” or “total bitches.” I’ve also had people say there was a male character who was a total shit in the story, and other comments that say another male character was really well written and surprisingly nice.

I have no clue why any of that should be surprising. Why? Because while I write fiction, I try to keep it realistic to a point. In real life, ALL WOMEN AREN’T BITCHES and ALL MEN ARE NOT ASSHOLES. Yes, there are both in this world, everyone knows someone like that, but those can’t be the only kind of people we write. Not even when that bitch you still hate like nobody else wants to end up as a character in your book.

People have different views and different experiences in life. Everyone looks at what they read or watch or even write from their own, more or less narrow view. Sometimes something an author has written in a book upsets or even insults them. Like my dear friend Anna Martin says, in that case the only thing for the author to do is to say “I’m sorry.”

I’d add that the next thing is to move on and hope the reader can deal, because while authors have to take responsibility over what they write, we don’t always get to choose what we write. The muses don’t work that way. But a reader ALWAYS has the choice of what to read. They have the choice of not picking up another book of an author whose work upset or insulted them, ever again. Or even if they just plain disliked someone’s book.

Another thing that recently came up for me personally was a review I happened to see. It was something I’d seen before, and it went a little bit like this: “I had the same problem with this book I have had with other books by Tia Fielding before.” I won’t even mention what the problem was, specifically. I don’t have to, to make my point. This boils down to the previous paragraph in my ramble: a reader never HAS TO read another book by author they don’t like or they had been disappointed with.

If I didn’t like, say Nutella, but kept trying it over and over again and telling people left and right now I STILL don’t like Nutella, wouldn’t they think I’m nuts? (Pun not intended.) Seriously? There’s a quote of unclear origins that fits this example to a T.

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.

In the case of a reader leaving low rating reviews over and over again (and a handful of other readers doing the same thing) it might actually lead to drops in average ratings and then low sales for an author who only wrote what their muse and his/her wicked plot bunnies dictated them to.

I also bumped into this thing today: coming out or not coming out in books (or in real life). Now there are readers and authors alike who might try to take the high road on their high horse and claim that it’s wrong for a character in a book to NOT come out. Like choosing to be closeted might be a Bad Thing.

I firmly believe in choice and responsibility, and I believe in them in that exact order. Would I write a story about someone who from the beginning to the end of the book abuses a spouse with clear conscience and makes it into a good thing? No, because that’s plain wrong in all sort of ways I also find WRONG outside my writing. I wouldn’t go against my own beliefs in my writing and show it in a good light. That’s my artist’s integrity speaking, and my integrity as a person.

Coming out is different. There is no right answer to whether someone should come out or not, and this goes with both fiction and real life. Whenever someone screams that this or that celebrity should just come out already to support the GLBTQ community, I look at them blankly. Yes, I think it would benefit the community, but you do not make those decisions for someone else.

Coming out, whether you’ve had to do it or not yourself, whether you had positive or negative results yourself, is yours only when YOU are the one coming out in YOUR personal life.

You, whoever you are, do NOT own the coming out process of someone else, real or fictional. I can’t stress this enough, really. As someone who has had to come out in real life, the thought of someone dictating another person’s truth is just insane to me.

Everything about coming out is about truth. You might see not coming out as lying, and frankly I don’t give a shit if you do or if you think it’s detrimental to the GLBTQ community, because it’s someone else’s truth, and sometimes it’s better to lie to protect yourself or those around you. The reasons are as many as there are people in the closet or out in the open. But they’re not your reasons.

Okay, today’s rant is done. Finally. I hope you’re having a nice time-of-the-year wherever you are, and please do stay tuned to my blog, because I have a fun little thing (weird author interviews is the most accurate way to describe it all) coming up in the near future in weekly posts.





Holiday Freebie Story!

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I hope everyone has a lovely holiday. Here’s a freebie short short story from yours truly. The link is to my Mediafire and it’s completely safe to download from there. I hope you enjoy the story, and have a nice rest of the year!


Finnshifters 3: Howl Swee…

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Holy crap! I totally almost forgot it was TOMORROW! So yeah, umm… A few things:

This book is Sean and Rider’s story. As always in this series, it’s also the story of what’s going on at the farm. It’s still not your typical romance story nor your typical shifter story, so there’s that. If you’re still with me on the series, THANK YOU! I love these guys, even if they’re difficult to write sometimes.

I have a Facebook chat at the Dreamspinner Press’s FB page coming on Saturday the 16th, so be there if you want a chance to win either a copy of Howl Sweet Howl or Positive. Or maybe some others, too. Who knows what I’ll come up with!

There’s also a blog tour that’s kicking off from that chat, and I’ll be updating information on my Facebook page, so you might want to check that out too.

What else…. Well, I do hope you enjoy FS3 and yeah, there might be one or two more books in the series, but more on those in the FB chat! ;)

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