So it’s 2013, eh?

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The last part of the year 2012 wasn’t too good for me. Not only did I reach the release date of the last thing I have completed, submitted and seen through (Falling into Place), my depression was also sky high. Or not was, IS, but it’s January fourth now, so… you know.

I haven’t written much in the last six months. Not much at all. I started NaNoWriMo and failed spectacularly, but that was almost expected. This means that there are no future releases in sight. None. Not in the next few months, not later. Not until I write more and the story is accepted by a publisher. This, my dears, might take… ages.

In some ways I feel like I’ve failed the handful of fans I have. There are people who have told me they’re waiting for my stories. I’m sorry.

I’ll do my best, I’m planning on some changes in my life to get out of the rut that maintains my depression. So we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll be better at some point in the future and can write more again. Maybe some of it is even good.


  1. Alice says:

    Hi, I’ve only recently discovered your books and find them quite lovely and enjoyable to read! Please, don’t feel pressured to write any faster than you do. I’m sure many fans will agree with me when I say I’d much rather read a long awaited, well written book than a quickly released, blah book. =P Here’s to happy thoughts in a happier new year! =^..^=

    • Tia Fielding says:

      Thank you. :) I do understand and I know I’m like that myself with the books I’m waiting for. So yes, once again, thank you for your understanding and taking time to drop me a line. :)

  2. sharon says:

    Take your time. Good things are worth the wait. I first discovered your writing with when I say when. It now resides on my favorites list. I am working my way through your other titles. Lots of authors churn out titles and they are awful. Good reading is worth the wait.

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